The following establishes the principles to be applied by all staff in their activities and behaviour on a day-to-basis.  Our values underpin our approach to Quality Assurance for our students.  These are important values in any organisation and are particularly important when interacting with a diverse community of international learners.


We value the following:

Integrity In all dealings within and outside the Hilton community, we are fair, honest and impartial and we treat others with dignity and respect.   We show the care and courtesy we would like to receive.


Dignity Our community is a diverse core of learners.  We value diversity and treat students equitably and with care and compassion, with due regards to cultural sensitivities. We value the effort and potential and acknowledge the uniqueness of each student.
Responsibility We demonstrate responsibility in our duty of care towards students.  We engage in ongoing professional development and improving our teaching and learning strategies.  We work collaboratively and co-operatively with colleagues.  We exchange due skill care and diligence in performing our duties and acknowledging our responsibility to maintain the currency of our knowledge, skills and technical competencies.


Respect Relationships with students and staff are based on mutual respect, trust and confidentiality (unless otherwise required by law).  We acknowledge the contribution these qualities make to students’ wellbeing and learning.


Confidentiality We are aware of our obligations to maintain confidentiality.  We do not use information for personal gain nor to the detriment of Hilton.


Fair and honesty We are fair and honest in all of our dealings with stakeholders and members of the Hilton community.


Conflict of interest We avoid conflicts of interest and when this is not possible, we declare these.  At all times, actual or perceived conflict of interest must be avoided.