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After New Normal: trends in hospitality for the coming years


As the COVID-19 global pandemic has spread across the world, few sectors have been hit as hard as the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries. People were unable to travel because countries closed themselves completely and imposed restrictions on their populations to control the spread of the disease.

But now as the disease comes under control, we can begin to think about what the future might hold for the hospitality industry.

In this article, we’ll try to draw a picture of what the hospitality market will look like in the coming years.

* Health and safety*
The industry needs to innovate its engagement with customers, and its customers are increasingly paying attention to the different safety, hygiene, and health procedures that establishments are implementing.
To gain the trust of consumers, companies will need to be transparent and trustworthy.

The importance of investing in digital media presence has never been more evident. Delivery services, contactless payments, and video conferencing are just examples of how companies have accelerated and adapted.
Hospitality companies can assert themselves in the virtual environment to promote their mastery of the guest service experience to the online world.

*Fewer interactions*
Across the hotel industry, the common trend is that we see a demand from customers to minimize their contact with other guests.
Another common preference is hotels that offer outdoor spaces, expanding their gardens, limiting the chances of interaction. Hotels that can’t deliver have kept their promise of social distance by offering additional room service options.

The pandemic showed how actions and reactions, even the simplest and most common, are undeniably interconnected throughout the world. And more and more travelers are aware of these connections, understanding that sustainability in tourism is an immediate necessity.
Many hoteliers are finally realizing that sustainability in hospitality goes FAR beyond bathroom notices asking guests to reuse their towels.
And hotels that do not invest in sustainable actions and behavior will be left behind.

*Increasingly longer stays*
Extended stays have definitely won the favor of many guests. And the expectation is that this change in habit will also last after the end of the pandemic. After all, many travelers have finally discovered the pleasure of enjoying a hotel for a longer time, without rushing, with safety.
In some parts of the world like Brazil, for example, this trend increased by 300% in 2020.

*Final considerations*
In short, a lot of things will change in this field, but nothing that hasn’t already been foreseen before. In fact, these past two years have acted almost as an accelerator for the trends to come.

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